Seven Embedded If Statement

I developed this code for VZ Right of Way project. My Manager Stephanie had a vision for this SharePoint Solution and I built out the application including the code below. The Seven Embedded If Statement took me two days to develop and test.

Stephanie took a sweet promotion (as smart managers do after hiring smart people) and went off from Engineering and Construction to lead 5G implementation in Syracuse. Her project was scrapped. This code was never used.

In it’s place a Smart Young Feller gave me a spreadsheet and I developed that. We then imported data into multiple lists and then used workflow to populate the main Solution list. But I digress.


This formula evaluates numerous other columns and returns values on business rules. Things to note about this formula are the handling of “Permit Sketch Required” column. As this column is a Yes / No data type it is not tested for being null, but as true or false.

Also note that there is an AND clause to test multiple values embedded as well.


Permit Status Bucket:

=IF(ISBLANK(PermitApproved),IF(AND(NOT(ISBLANK(ReturnedforRevision)),NOT(ISBLANK(RevisionComplete))),”Revision Complete; Permit Pending”,IF(AND(NOT(ISBLANK(EntityRevisionRequested)),NOT(ISBLANK(RevisionComplete))),”Revision Complete; Permit Pending”,IF(NOT(ISBLANK(ReturnedforRevision)),”Revision Requested”,IF(NOT(ISBLANK(EntityRevisionRequested)),”Revision Requested”,IF(NOT(ISBLANK(PermitSubmitted)),”Permit Submitted; Pending Approval”,IF(NOT(ISBLANK(SubmittedtoROW)),”Pending Permit Submission”,IF([Permit Sketch Required],”Pending Sketch”,””))))))),”Permit Approved”)


Seven embedded IF Statements!


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