Microsoft Teams – OK, now I get it!

Lotus Notes Sprawl

Before I moved to the Microsoft World I was a Lotus Notes guy. One of the things that drove organizations crazy was the sprawl of Lotus Notes applications. Organizations struggled with managing the applications life cycle and the retirement of their databases. Secondly, there were few tools to analyze data contained in Lotus Notes. 

Not another SharePoint Site!

With the first iteration of Teams a new site was created for the team and a document library provisioned. Not that exciting. And as site collection administrators did we not provision that already?

Just like with older versions of SharePoint allowing users to create new sites for meetings leaves behind one more site that needs to be dealt with in a future migration. From an administrators point of view Teams was not bringing anything new to the table.  

It’s the Modern Workspace!

Teams spaces have changed and now is the centerpiece for the Modern Workspace. It has become the go to place for team members to communicate and collaborate. Below are a list of features:

Conversations: the ability for members to have persistent chat.

Files: a SharePoint Document Library for the team.

Tabs: links to a document, a SharePoint Site, external Web Site, Power BI report, etc.

Connectors: Unlike Tabs, Connectors allow you to connect to other 3rd party software and bring in the content inside of the Channel

Bots: Bots are artificial intelligence applications which can complete tasks using chat-based commands.

Mobile App: Of course, lots of communication these days takes place on mobile devices. As such, Teams has its own Mobile App. Moreover, it also has a separate desktop app as well.

Improved Meeting Experience with Scheduling Capabilities: The ability to meet virtually is an important and cost-effective feature for businesses today. Teams gives you a view of your scheduled meetings, the timing, the subject, and a list of other persons who’ll be attending. 

OK, now I get it!