How to screw up your SharePoint Solution

Don’t include key stakeholders. Better yet, have only one person create a vision.

Don’t create project documents such as Functional Requirements and Work Breakdown Structure.

Get the busiest people to test so you can wait forever. Or better yet, don’t test at all.

“Just make it like the old system”:

Copying the database structure without cleaning up unused columns.

Understanding how users really used the application and workflows.

Hiding things during workflow stages. Don’t treat your users like idiots.

Use third party tools and JavaScript Frameworks to control the user experience. It’s SharePoint – embrace it.

Not using native functionality in SharePoint for messaging and alerts.

Waste time and resources on branding.

Create so many approvals and rejections in a workflow that items become stranded.

Not taking time to evaluate and learn from the previous application.

Just before roll out import all the junky data from the last application into the solution without testing how the workflow or form rules behave with missing flags and superimposed workflow states.